Spiritual Roads


Since ancient times Pilgrimages have been one of the main necessary steps towards spiritual development for finding answers, being healed or achieving some merits... Armenia is considered a  Holy Land, as it has enormous amount of ancient sacred places, which preserve holy spirit for millenniums and pass it to visitors.

We never impose strict preferences and fixed schedule, thus giving an opportunity for meditation, praying, rituals, hiking. You will also see other miracles of Armenia – ruins of ancient fortresses, historical sites, will get acquainted with Armenian traditional culture and everyday life of Armenian villagers.


40 Churches in 7 Days

Purify your Soul: Endeavor to choose difficult roads!

This route has been designed based on the sacred numbers: 7 – Spectrum and 40 – Purification, and Pilgrimage supposes visits to 40 churches in 7 days.

This majestic journey includes visits of both well-known old churches not far from Yerevan, and some hidden treasures - extremely peculiar places and ancient churches. Our route will pass through Yerevan, Khor Virap, Artashat, Dvin, Garni, Geghard, Aparan, Artashavan, Ohanavan, Karbi, Mughni, Parpi, Agarak, Byurakan, Tegher, Ushi, Ashtarak, Bjni, Karenis, Argel, Zvartnoc and Etchmiadzin.



Moderate Pace

Memories of Earliest Christianity

Feel the magical holy spirit of IV-V centuries!

Being the Land of Origin, Armenia is also the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its state religion in 301 AD. This route is a unique opportunity to feel the atmosphere of historical era of early Christianity in Armenia during your Pilgrimage to the first Christian churches with 1700 years of history.

During this mysterious tour you will get acquainted both with well-known oldest churches, and some hidden treasures, which are not very popular as touristic sites, but have the deepest spiritual aura and atmosphere of real Christian Peace. Your Pilgrimage will pass through Yerevan, Etchmiadzin, Anipemza, Talin, Mastara, Odzun, Aparan, Oshakan, and Khor Virap.



Moderate Pace

Let us create for you memories of lifetime


Taking you beyond just seeing the sights, we unveil for you the deepest sense of each mystery. We want you to enjoy every precious moment of your trip.


For us you are not just a tourist, but a precious guest of our home, whom we welcome and honor by sharing our love and warmth with you.

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