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Open up your heart become a part of life festives and take with you the unforgettable memories that will warm your heart for years. Along with surrounding you with joyful mood, our experts will give you detailed explanation of the symbolism and meaning of each event.

Besides the proposals below, it will be our pleasure to organize your life events. Whether it's a wedding or honeymoon, birthday or baptism, we will make it an unforgettable one for you, sparing you from the organizational troubles.


May - Each Day Holiday

May holidays in easy-to-reach and hard-to-forget Armenia!

May holidays, that were celebrated as a Day of Labor for more than hundred years, go deep in their roots into the holiday of Spring - Beltain, which now regains its popularity. A few years ago May holidays were officially renamed as "Day of Spring and Labor". Combination of virgin nature, ancient architecture, savoury cuisine, music and dance will make your holidays unforgettable.

Today in Armenia you will not see a parade of workers or Beltain bonfires, but it is exactly the best place to celebrate the holiday of life - Spring - in all its glory! Snowcaps still shine on the tops of the mountains, but alpine meadows are already full of multi-colors, gorges are already full of thyme flavors, ancient churches are already washed with the first thunderstorms in anticipation of worshipers, and the ruins of cyclopean fortresses dating back to 5-7 thousand years of history are buried in lavish greenery, regaining life...



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Taking you beyond just seeing the sights, we unveil for you the deepest sense of each mystery. We want you to enjoy every precious moment of your trip.


For us you are not just a tourist, but a precious guest of our home, whom we welcome and honor by sharing our love and warmth with you.

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