World Renown People About Armenia

The Armenians should be in the center of our attention and the attention of the whole world. And this is because of the superb culture, which was generated by Armenians for many centuries of independent existence and the exclusively rich literature, which is a luxurious contribution of Armenia to the treasury of humanity. Armenia represents one of the spiritual centers of all of humanity.


Valery Bryusov

George Gordon Byron

If the scriptures are rightly understood it was in Armenia that Paradise was placed. But whatever may have been their destiny and it has been bitter whatever it may be in the future, their country must ever be one of the most interesting on the globe. Armenian is the language to speak with God.

Anatole France

We have to admit that this nation is smart and brave, striving to adopt the lofty goals of the civilization, acquires the right of compassion of all nations both with its genius, and unprecedented misfortunes...

The nation which does not want to die will never die!

Franz Viktor Werfel

Armenia is the cradle of civilization, one of the leading and most developed states of the Ancient World.

Pope John Paul II

Sacrifice: an inseparable part of Armenian history. I long for the day when I kiss the Armenian land, which has been warmed by the blood of so many victims.

Elisabeth Bauer

In general, much too little has been known about Armenia, even though, culturally speaking, Europe owes her a considerable debt. At the dawn of history, Armenia was one of the cradles of civilization”. Millennia before the Christian era, the economy, arts and popular traditions of Armenia had developed to such an extent that her culture stimulates Egypt, Greece, and Rome both materially and spiritually.

Julius Caesar

When these people, these Armenians, grab each other’s hands, and shoulder to shoulder tread the earth under the sound of their drums and apricot instruments, more probable that the columns of my palace will be collapsed than one can stop them.

Leon Bloy

Do you know who Armenian people are? They are people who among the whole mankind have the most mysterious history.

Maximilian Prince of Saxony

The nation, whose Christian faith is so old, the nation who did not turn away from Christ even after strong storms and cruelest persecutions, the nation whose history is almost a ceaseless suffering, certainly deserves not only our compassion but also our love. 

Mel Gibson

I know about the Armenian Genocide. I know that Armenians have a very difficult history. Armenians have always struggled and kept their religion and self-determination. The Armenians have always represented their history to the world. They really are the noblest nation.

Richard Charles Nicholas Branson

A breath-taking sight is emerging in front of us. We are flying over snow-covered mountains of Armenia. This is the place where Noah landed his ark during the great flood. In the noise and tone of headphones, we heard the voice of the Armenian dispatcher. “Welcome, accept our greetings from the whole Armenian nation.” The voice had such a sincere friendliness in it! If only all countries were so hospitable.

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