Sleeping Legends

Armenians, having millennia's history, culture and traditions, have innumerable legends that characterize the nation's value system, cults, and ethnic particularities. Below are only some of them, but while roaming in Armenia you will uncover more of them.

The Legend of Mount Ararat Birth

Vahagn, the Armenian god of fire, was a perfect being, except for his explosive temper. Even his birth was brought about a cosmic shake of the universe. The gods rejoiced the day he was born giving him many gifts. Astghik, the goddess of love, beauty, and water, kissed Vahagn’s forehead and tied the Cross of War, woven from stars to his hand, that way the power of the fire god would last forever. Mihr, the god of light, harmony, and advice, gave Vahagn a heavy mace, made from

The Legend of the Honest Prince

A long time ago there was an Armenian king who had a beautiful daughter. After a certain time, the king decided to give her in marriage. There were many contenders for the beauty’s heart and they all waited for the day when they could compete for the title of her husband. So, finally, that day came. The king left the choice with his daughter, he trusted her, knowing that she would choose the most worthy and honest candidate.

The princess came up to each prince

The Legend of Haghpat Monastery

The monks of Haghpat Monastery studied science, theology, painting and hand-copied books. The monastery was a monument of the prosperity of the Armenian Kingdom. It is said that the spirit of competition helped with the construction of the monastery. The monks constructed a temple in nearby Sanahin and one of the students, named Hovannes, boasted that he could make a better temple.

The head architect heard the statement and

The Legend of Khor Virap - Deep Pit

Legend has it, that where Khor Virap Monastery fortress stands today was once the ancient city of Artashat, which was the former capital of Armenia. On that hill, under the church, was a prison pit where people on death row would be kept. This place has great significance to Christianity in Armenia.

The king at the time was Trdat, a faithful servant to the pagan gods. Meanwhile, Saint Gregory was

The Legend of the Holy Spear - Geghard

There was once a Muslim military commander and ruler named Tamerlane, who along with his fierce army, conquered half of the world. He then set his eyes upon the land of Armenia. He entered the country with the might of his troops, taking hold of roads and trails in the mountains. Upon reaching Garni Gorge he gave the order to set up camp and then sent out his patrols and spies.

When morning arrived one of his man informed

The Legend of Armenian Lavash

Once upon a time the Armenian King Aram was captured by the Assyrian ruler Nebuchadnezzar in one of the battles. Since that was not considered an unconditional victory of one over the other, Nebuchadnezzar declared: “You will not eat for ten days. Then on the 11th day, you and I will have an archery competition. If you win, then you’re stronger than me and I’ll let you go.”

Aram thought all night, and then

The Legend of Erebuni Fortress

Erebuni Fortress, known also as Arin Berd (meaning ‘Fortress of Blood’) is a fortified settlement located in the southeastern outskirts of the modern city of Yerevan, Armenia. This fortress was founded during the 8th century BC by the Urartians, the predecessors of the Armenians.

As a fortress, this settlement was an important military center, the first of its kind built by the Urartians in that area. In addition to that, the Erebuni Fortress was

The Legend of Noah's Ark Relic

There are many legends that the mountains could tell about the time when Noah and his family descended from the Ark into the valley. One day the Christians of the area decided to retrace Noah’s story by climbing Mount Ararat and finding the Ark. On that day Bishop Jacob of Nisibis grabbed his staff, crossed himself and set off on his journey. However, he found it very challenging — on his first attempt he stopped to rest and was so exhausted he fell asleep on a warm boulder. When he found himself

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