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And look, my son, wherever you are,

Wherever you go under this moon,

Even if you leave your mother out of your mind,

Never forget your Mother Tongue.


Silva Kaputikyan


What else do we have in the world that so much belongs to us ... of course, the Armenian language, which has had a national significance to the Armenians for centuries. Armenian is one of the embodiments of our identity, and in order to remain Armenian, to feel ourselves genuine Armenian, we must be able to speak Armenian. As a result of the Armenian's tragic history, we are spread all over the world and unfortunately, a part of us do not know Armenian today and living abroad, do not have an opportunity or time to learn it. We provide this very opportunity to learn the Armenian language in a short period of time through online lessons.


Would you like to start learning or improving your Armenian, but you are short of time? Do you dream of seeing your child studying the mother tongue, but you cannot find a professional native speaker specialist who speaks languages other than Armenian? Are you a foreigner who is willing to speak and understand Armenian? Would you like to study the history of Armenia, culture, and traditions parallel to learning the language? And if all this within a short period of time with reasonable prices, then our offer is just for you!


Why with us: 1. For each student an individual studying program is developed, based on his/her goals, required results, and the initial level of knowledge. 2. Even those who do not know a single word in Armenian can learn Armenian with our multilingual teachers. 3. Unique teaching methods have been chosen, according to which the student gets acquainted with the history, culture, and traditions of Armenia along with learning the language. 4. Our teachers are native-speaker professionals who speak not only Armenian but also a number of other languages. 5. Each student has the opportunity to visit Armenia on special terms through Land of Origin DMC and to be in some of the places he/she got acquainted with during the lessons. 6. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes and costs $ 9. The first lesson is free of charge.

Let us create for you memories of lifetime


Taking you beyond just seeing the sights, we unveil for you the deepest sense of each mystery. We want you to enjoy every precious moment of your trip.


For us you are not just a tourist, but a precious guest of our home, whom we welcome and honor by sharing our love and warmth with you.

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