Armenians in the World

Armenians, spread all over the world have made a huge impact on human history. Science, politics, finance, technology, art, sport – it is hard to find a field, in the rapid development of which Armenians do not have their important role. Here are some of their inventions that changed the world.

Ivan Aivazovsky

Hovhannes Aivazian was an Armenian-Russian Romantic Painter who is considered one of the greatest masters of marine art. During his almost 60-year career, he created around 6,000 paintings, making him one of the most prolific artists of his time. The saying "Worthy of Aivazovsky's brush", popularized by Anton Chekhov, was used in Russia for describing something lovely.

Hovannes Adamian

Hovannes Adamian designed systems of black and white, as well as color televisions. He was the first in the world to achieve practical results in color television and to carry out color television transfers. The first color television project is claimed by him, and was patented in Germany on 31 March 1908.  He created also the first VCR.

Artem Mikoyan

Artem Mikoyan was a Soviet Armenian aircraft designer, who designed many of the famous MIG military aircrafts. He was twice awarded the highest civilian honour, the Hero of Socialist Labor and was a deputy in six Supreme Soviets Stalin Prize.

Christopher Ter-Serobyan

Christopher Ter-Serobyan was an Armenian chemist from Istanbul, who was hired in 1854 to develop an uncopyable green color for American money.  He succeeded and until this day, Ter-Serobyan’s green color formula is used in American currency.  Ter-Serobyan was paid $6,000 for his work which was the funding he needed to finish his training as a pharmacist!

Michel Ter-Pogossian

Michel Ter-Pogossian was an Armenian nuclear physicist who is one of the fathers of positron emission tomography (PET), the first functional brain imaging technology. His parents escaped the Armenian Genocide and emigrated to Germany where he was born and later moved to France.

Stephen Stepanian

Stephan Stepanian was the inventor and owner of numerous patents including the Elevator and Conveyor, Compound Tool, and the Wrench, as well as self-discharging motorized transit mixer that was the predecessor of the concrete mixer truck. Stepanian is often called the "Father of the ready-mix concrete industry".

Luther George Simijian

Luther George Simijian invented the ATM, owns more than 200 patents of various inventions, including in the field of photography, for example, the self-posing portrait camera.

Varaztad Kazanjian

Varaztad Kazanjian was an oral surgeon, who pioneered techniques for plastic surgery and is considered to be the founder of the modern practice of plastic surgery. He was the first to hold the title of Professor of plastic surgery at Harvard Medical School. He also co-authored the first concise book on plastic surgery.

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