Enter Humanity's purest traditional roots!

Numerous cave monuments, human settlements, and artifacts found during archaeological excavations were appraised by experts to date back more than 2 million years, attesting to the fact that the Armenian Highland is one of the origins of human creation. Be a witness to astonishing proofs with our savory guides and professional archeologists who will uncover their deep essence.

On this tiny piece of land you'll come across with unknown and radiant civilization coming from the depths of millenniums, petroglyphs, human settlements, world-first observatory, winery, and other "firsts". Touch centuries-old historical monuments, cathedrals, monasteries, and masterpieces created by nature, enjoy an unparalleled taste of Armenian cuisine, inhale the warmth of Armenian hospitality.



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From Where Expanded the Human Population

An analysis of about 3,000 stone tools from a 325,000-year-old archaeological site near the Armenian village Nor Geghi challenges the theory held by many scientists that the so-called Levallois stone tool-making technique was invented in Africa and then spread across the world as the human population expanded. Moreover, here people combined 2 different technologies, which assure us that 325,000 years ago they were very innovative.

7,500-year-old Observatory

Located in an area of around 7 hectares, Qarahunj is an astral stone observatory that charted the night sky, shows an incredibly sophisticated knowledge of the universe way before the Babylonians, which used to be thought the first astronomers. Our ancestors were the earliest recorded astronomers to create a calendar that divided the year into 12 segments of time, devises the compass, and envisions the shape of the world as round. They had mapped the constellations before the great pyramids were built. Qarahunj is at least 3,500 years older than British Stonehenge.


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Armenia has abundant rock-carvings since 12 000 BC: 5 large Rock-Art areas are well known and nearly 20 thousand carved rock-pieces have been discovered so far. The rudimentary carvings are amazingly perceptive, recounting origin myths and tribal traditions, emotions, beliefs, defeats and victories of the ancestors. Most images depict men in scenes of hunting and fighting, cultivating land, competing and dancing. There are numerous cosmic symbols, including one for the zodiacal sign Aries and rudimentary calendars carved like wheels for dividing time by using a cross and four circles for the seasons. Geographic elements are also featured: rivers, lakes, springs etc., followed by astronomical bodies and phenomena: the Sun, the Moon, stars, stellar constellations and starry sky, comet, and lightning.

Shaki Waterfall

One of the natural wonders of Armenia.

Women's first statues in Metsamor

Metsamor is one of the highly developed cities of the Ancient World situated very close to Yerevan.

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