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Armenian culture is extraordinary and mesmerizing. For millenniums Armenians have formed and  developed their authentic culture - miniature painting, manuscripts, musical notation, carpet weaving, cross-stone carving, wine making and so on.

Whether you are fond of ancient civilizations or modern arts, village life or archeology, traditional cuisine or winemaking, hiking, skiing or paragliding, fascinating landscapes or city life, etc. you will definitely find tours of your preferences among the below mentioned packages. Moreover, you have a possibility to tune each of them to make it your lifetime dream tour.


Экстремальный тур по Армении

Вы любите получать прилив адреналина?

Приключения, опасности, экстремальные чувства, которых вы никогда раньше не испытывали... Что ж, Армения входит в тройку лучших стран мира в категории «Экстремальный и активный туризм».

Так что дерзайте!

Любителям необыкновенного отдыха – одновременно захватывающего и познавательного, интересного и опасного, – предлагаем провести незабываемые дни в Армении – но вместо стандартных маршрутов рискнуть пройти по неторным путям по следам древнейшей армянской цивилизации и по узким скалистым тропам на границе отобранных у Армении территорий.





A great escape from the monotony of everyday life!

Enjoy sun-kissed organic fruit and vegetables, admire nature-created and man-made wonders, widely breathe fresh mountainous air, feel the warmth of Armenian hospitality, and so on.

Let's discover the best of Armenia in a short period of time!

An ideal leisure holiday in an all-encompassing tour, which will uncover for you the main treasures of Armenia: Yerevan with its famous attractions, Pagan Temple Garni, cliff-cut Monastery Geghard, Pearl of Armenia Lake Sevan, first Christian Monastery of the world Etchmiadzin, one of the most sacred places of Armenia Khor Virap, wonders of the medieval Armenian architecture Haghartsin and Noravank Monasteries, and much more.



relaxed pace

The World's Oldest Cuisine

Enjoy the unity of unforgettable flavor and splendid nature!

For real gourmets, Armenia is a paradise in many senses - world's oldest cuisine, organic food, sun-kissed fruit, and vegetables, etc... Shop at the traditional markets, cook with locals, take master-classes from professionals, and of course have the pleasure of visiting ancient Armenian historical and cultural monuments.

Starting from the very beginning of food preparation up to the revelation of their ritual essence and tasting - making cheese, butter, matsun (homemade yogurt) and sour-cream, baking lavash, and traditional Armenian pastries, fishing in the Lake Sevan, picking off sun-kissed juicy fruits, etc. Friendly contact with locals, as well as with villagers living in the mountains and experts of traditional cuisine.



relaxed pace


Enter Humanity's purest traditional roots!

Numerous cave monuments, human settlements, and artifacts found during archaeological excavations were appraised by experts to date back more than 2 million years, attesting to the fact that the Armenian Highland is one of the origins of human creation. Be a witness to astonishing proofs with our savory guides and professional archeologists who will uncover their deep essence.

On this tiny piece of land you'll come across with unknown and radiant civilization coming from the depths of millenniums, petroglyphs, human settlements, world-first observatory, winery, and other "firsts". Touch centuries-old historical monuments, cathedrals, monasteries, and masterpieces created by nature, enjoy an unparalleled taste of Armenian cuisine, inhale the warmth of Armenian hospitality.



Moderate pace

Let us create for you memories of lifetime


Taking you beyond just seeing the sights, we unveil for you the deepest sense of each mystery. We want you to enjoy every precious moment of your trip.


For us you are not just a tourist, but a precious guest of our home, whom we welcome and honor by sharing our love and warmth with you.

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